Founder Phillip Alan Epps Defining Phillip requires an open mind and even some tolerance for history and current events: his descendants arrived in Virginia in 1635 as pioneers and later became large landholders, owning slaves until the Civil War. He is directly related to another Virginian, Thomas Jefferson, the third US president, inventor and author of the Declaration of Independence. 

As a young man Phillip held a high level security clearance while stationed on the front lines of the Cold War in northern Japan; he later worked for a San Francisco organization that promoted ‘citizen diplomacy’ between the US and Soviet Union while supporting Russian economic restructuring and the development of civil society under Mikhail Gorbachev. 

He was a campaign consultant on a half-dozen American elections including a US congressman and attorney general for California and was instrumental in electing the first non-white Oregonian to statewide office, meeting Bill and Hillary Clinton, Al Gore, Gorbachev, and the occasional celebrity along the way. Phillip witnessed civil strife in Latin America as a young journalist, surviving the 1985 8.1 Mexico City earthquake that killed 30,000+ people.

He’s lived and worked in eight countries in Asia, traveling to dozens of countries globally. He’s been a lifelong film buff and a very early Internet user in San Francisco. In the mid-90s in Beijing, he helped launch the first western-style Internet café chain in China allowing users for the first time to be able to log-on without prior permission from the authorities. More recently he’s been a tech PR specialist, film producer, industrial videographer, teacher, bicycle evangelist and not-so old China hand.


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