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specialized code instruction: will employ a high level of software talent development. there are scattered coding schools and other related educational entities around the island but they fall short of providing the right curriculum mostly because their business model is similar to taiwan’s weak at best cram school industry.’s educational component would be primarily focused on pioneering an entirely new idea in education in taiwan and, for that matter, the asia-pacific region.

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it’s already a huge success in the u.s.: instead of spending four years at a taiwan university to get a CS degree, students would shortcut that major time and capital investment many times over by learning computer-programming code like Java, Python and Ruby on Rails among others, allowing for:

  • academic periods: 

greatly reduced around 12 weeks instead of 4 years.

  • reduced cost:

much less expensive = approximately nt$170,000 — instead of nearly nt$2 mn (estimated 4-year ntut CS degree).

  • job placement:

successful graduates would have opportunities to join taipei startups or apply for an H1B visa* to work in a u.s. company in silicon valley. will offer visa support for the American Institute in Taiwan, counseling, job interview training and of course overseas preparatory english. hackreactor is a famous coding school chain in the US that claims a 99% job placement success rate with salaries starting at us$100,000 in technology companies — even being able to guarantee half of that would be a major selling point for young taiwanese. *

  • inspired environments:

backpacker/b&b-style accommodation offering a full range of outdoor recreation in yilan county (hiking, biking, scuba / snorkeling, surfing, dolphin-watching, hang gliding, yoga, meditation, organic gardening, etc).

  • internal hire:

finally, the most talented graduates would get offers of employment eventually at — which would be at the receiving end of the education-to-work chain developing software for many new applications including movie apps, mobile games, virtual reality, 360-degree video, etc.

  • sister parks:

like its famous predecessor, the hsinchu science industrial park, the yilan science park is still being developed and that means getting in on the ground floor of the next generation of taiwan’s main engine of economic growth: global software development.

there are already coding schools popping up in taipei but can they offer the ultimate advantages listed above? another conversation maybe is how we believe software – not hardware as in the past – to be the main future economic revenue on the island.


code school is not to replace college but as an advantage in an overly competitive economy. bootcamps are jet packs capable of propelling students deep into web dev space. their presence in the u.s. has already disrupted the industry.

as a testament to their success, traditional institutions of education are beginning to partner with coding bootcamps to fill the education gap. contrast the same education at a u.s. code school in taiwan.

early competitive advantage. offers incredible educational value and alternative lifestyle.


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