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affiliate cilium film collaborates with to produce digital media content for globalized entertainment entities in hollywood and beyond

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workspace-live-work-space-1075 copy.jpgsummary:
we’re betting on taiwan as a superior location to launch a frugal, full service, creative development studio, for the following reasons:
  • existing ambitious, high-quality, moderate-cost engineering talent
  • established bilingual film & video content development teams
  • ready access to north american & chinese film, media, app and game markets
  • exploding art / creative scene with western-comparable multiculturalism, free speech
  • great value in quality of life and cost of living. 


why taiwan?


the island’s ‘second act’ in technology: has an outsized opportunity to pioneer taiwan’s transition from a global hardware leader to emerging software player or simply a savvy hardware-software marriage in the making


reason #1:

ground floor opportunities in newly re-opened, nearly vacant yilan science park (or equivalent).


reason #2:

beautiful, inspired east coast environment, ripe for maximum creativity: offers free ‘backpacker’ / b&b-style accommodation for staff and students that comes with a full range of outdoor recreation activities in rural yilan county (hiking, biking, scuba, snorkeling, surfing, fishing, river ‘trailing’, dolphin-watching, hang-gliding, yoga, organic gardening, diy energy, etc).

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 11.35.04

reason #3:

thoroughly exceptional added value. an idea ahead of it’s time.


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contact: +886 972224395 / intlcreative@gmail.comskype: phillip.alan.epps

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