the company: asian & western creative content / taiwan engineering / rest of world market
entertainment software solutions:

‘taiwan software development co’ or tsdc.co is the core physical business — a frugal, brick & mortar studio space, classroom, residence and kitchen on taiwan’s east coast — to be officially registered in taipei in late 2017 or early 2018 at the latest. 

tsdc.co consists of a creative studio for filmmakers and others to develop games, apps, ar/vr, 360 video & other content for existing co-production projects and, importantly, for a range of projects for international clients (think hollywood) to develop proprietary IP using Unity and steamVR, researching and implementing new tools, etc.

entertainment software solution #1:

an offshoot of this effort would be a unique entertainment software code school allowing students to work alongside professionals as interns; tsdc.co would recruit in-house for the next generation of creative talent.

working in coordination with visionary elements in local government, we hope to be able to scale up the studio and school to eventually invite digital nomads, designers, artists and change agents from taiwan and around the world to join us in a collective and very wired live-work space.



in addition, tsdc.co will become the parent entity for other endeavors, separate and quasi-virtual but centrally connected, into the following enterprises:

cilium film a global film and video production company;

silicon english an online english tutoring operation for software engineers and other professionals working internationally;

the future:

silicon english will also create, launch and manage a non-profit, tuition-free online code school for underprivileged youth living in remote areas of the world. management and employees of the studio and graduates of the school will be requested to volunteer several hours a week to this worthy endeavor.

eventually adding a drone school would make sense financially and artistically considering the technology’s growing connection to filmmaking and other applications. 

Allen Wu , drone, DJI Japan General Manager, at Odaiba office on Dec. 18, 2015. Hodo-bu Nagata interview. YOSHIAKI MIURA PHOTO

potential revenue streams:
  • creative studio to develop AR/VR content, interactive, apps, games, web, etc for international film projects & studios
  • existing producing partnerships with slate of greenlit independent and co-production films — sci fi, action, fantasy, etc. — us$50 to 150 mn budget range, projects in late stage development or pre- pre-production, anticipate needing AR/VR teaser-trailers / apps / games / episodic
  • entertainment of the future r&d
  • develop content for traditional media (film / tv / video)
  • integrate new technologies with boundary-pushing storytelling
  • teach latest tools to young coders and retrainees with selective internal hire component 
  • operate commercial drone school
  • always keeping an eye out for the next tech trends by engaging in startup community and holding relevant speaker events
financial requirement: 

seeking relatively modest corporate investment and/or equity partners

estimated total budget: 

one-time investment

  • property: converted industrial space or sizable house, with shared kitchen, in semi-rural east coast = nt$3 mn
  • construction costs: construction, interior design, procurement, solar panelingestimated nt$500,000
  • equipment: vr headsets, SDKs, notebooks, PCs, high speed internet, storage devices, etc = nt$250,000

subtotal: nt$3.75 mn (us$125,000)

annual expenses

  • operations: facility management, HR, upkeep, etc = nt$300,000
  • marketing: social media, advertising, events, speakers, trade show attendance, etc = nt$100,000
  • salaries: ceo, cfo, coo, cto, admin, coders, instructors, etc = nt$2.5 mn
  • legal & accounting: IP, consultants, registration, visas, health & work insurance, etc = nt$200,000
  • misc/contingencies: transportation, recreation, food, beverage, etc = nt$200,000

subtotal: nt$3.3 mn (us$110,000)   

costs summary:

first year total cost: nt$7 mn (us$232,000)

second year total cost: nt$3.3 mn (us$110,000)

second year total cost: nt$3.3 mn (us$110,000)


approximate first year profit/ROI: nt$3 mn (us$100,000)

approximate second year profit/ROI: nt$7.5 mn (us$250,000)

approximate third year profit/ROI: nt$15 mn (us$500,000)



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